Project name:

Self-Esteem and Positive Body Image

Project description:

Self-esteem begins with a no in the mirror.

Self-esteem is how we as human beings value and respect ourselves as a person—it is the opinion that we have of ourselves of who we are and how we look.

Self-esteem impacts how we take care of ourselves, emotionally, physically, and spiritually – our whole self, not just our body.

We help you have a healthier self-esteem by helping you value yourself, and know that you deserve and are worthy of good care and respect—from yourself and from others. We help you learn that appreciating and celebrating your strengths and your abilities, without degrading and putting yourself down when you make a mistake, is critical to your self esteem.

Body image and self-esteem directly influence each other—and your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Body image is both mental and emotional. It’s the picture you have of your body and how you feel about your body when you look in the mirror.

If you don’t like your body (or a part of your body), it’s hard to feel good about your whole self. Healthy body image is having a better outlook on how you look like vs. not liking yourself.

  • Accepting and liking most, if not all, parts of your body and how you look now without the need to change.
  • Recognizing your individual qualities and strengths, plus the inner and outer beauty that makes you feel good about yourself.

A positive self-esteem means that ‘You Matter’ and are good enough even through hurtful feelings and challenging circumstances or situations.

Treat your body with respect.

Eating well-balanced meals and exercise will help you feel good and strong, not as a way to control your body.

Notice when you judge yourself or others based on weight, shape, or size. Ask yourself if there are any other qualities you could look for when those thoughts come up.

Dress in a way that makes you feel good about yourself, in clothes that fit and flow nicely on you now.

Find an inspiring message that resonates with you and helps you feel good about yourself

Remind yourself to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts.