About our Founder

Liza Boubari

A Message from our Founder

A child’s overall development is shaped by different aspects of their life, from their physical needs and mental toughness to their emotional state. The relationship between a child and their primary caregiver is a vital part of their mental and emotional development. When that connection is lost, it can have long-lasting consequences.

Research now shows that creative therapies and alternative meditation techniques engage the mind in a number of positive ways and produce profound effects on the mind, body, and behavior. Please think about those you may know around you who could benefit from such therapies. Help those who reach out to us a place to open their heart, expand their mind, and heal and transform their life.

Why We Started

My own journey has had its own challenges with twists and turns. At times, I have felt confident, and then uncertain…strong, and then insecure…powerful, and then powerless… fearful, and tormented. But throughout it all, one thing has always been constant – my desire to help and give back, my passion to make a difference and to be of service to my family and my community.

Through the years, I have also volunteered and served on various organizations. I followed my heart to places I found something interesting and inspirational. I believed then – and still believe now – that volunteerism can not only serve and help others inform, but also inspire and enhance who we are. The vague desire to help grew into a concrete plan to start my own business, and now run a non-profit. A focus on Motherless Children began to crystallize in my head.

One of the greatest opportunities to serve others has been to put an annual women’s event to empower women from all walks of life. The other is my work as a clinical hypnotherapist and stress management consultant.

There’s a closet full of hats which I’ve worn many in my life. They are labeled banker, protector, manager, volunteer, activist, daughter, and friend. The most important was learning to embrace my femininity and be a successful, loving human being.

I believe the seed of my mission began germinating a long time ago with my grandmother, as she quietly groomed me for this endeavor.

“You Matter”

At my practice, I have the privilege of helping young girls and boys who are missing their mother and are going through challenging times both emotionally and mentally. They felt lost, hurt, guilt-ridden and expressed in different manners.

For example, one client had started overeating and binging as a result of not understanding how to cope with the guilt of her mothers’ passing. One had suddenly developed OCD to a point that was disturbing the lives of his siblings and grandparents. Another had withdrawn completely and was unable to go to sleep, approaching the brink of suicide.

There were many cases such as these. During sessions with adults, I have realized the loss of a parent – especially the loss of a mother at a young age – still had its impact on adults. I want each child, no matter race, color, religion or ethnicity to know that to someone – they mattered.

Women who remain in fear and in abusive relationships had similar issues to address. They needed to learn how to able to express their thoughts and find the strength to stand up for themselves. They too needed to know they mattered.

Today, my mission is clear. I want to Open Hearts – Empower Minds – Transform Lives of motherless children and adults. Will you assist us, as we strive to bring strength and understanding to others?

I’ve begun building a foundation of hope for children and women – and using my voice to inform people of the facts and galvanize communities so we can answer that question.

Empowering Minds – Healing Hearts. That is our vision. I hope you will join us.

Help Us – Help Them