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From the very beginning of a child's life, the mother is the figure of attachment. The core of all nurturing stems from the connection to mother.

When a child loses her/his mother, he/she does not stop loving others but starts feeling a void within.

Do you know of a child we can help?

HWI - an afterschool program for empowering #motherless #children 8-17 through holistic therapies.

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2019 Glendale Cruise Night. Come and say hi! We’re on the corner of Brand and Wilson- right in front of AT&T. ...

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1 month ago

HealWithin International

How does your dad treat you?

At HWI, we help youth, especially motherless children learn how to honor and respect themselves, build self esteem, speak lovingly, and feel confident about themselves, physically, emotionally and mentally.

This message more poignant today than ever before.

Check out our Kids Summer Healing classes.

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This is our sacred space for all group sessions. Later today, I got a temporary henna tattoo of our HWI logo.
At HWI, we help kids...
Open their Hearts
Expand their Minds
Transform their Lives

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