Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

“Empowering Minds and Healing Hearts”

Our Mission

HealWithin International provides mental, physical and emotional healing through integrative and holistic methods to children who have suffered the loss of their mother.

HWI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organiztion

Our Programs Include

• Mindfulness/ Meditation • Creative Art / Movement • Sound Healing / Drumming • Creative Writing / Poetry • Guided Visualization


Creative Expression

Creative expressions are techniques that help children express themselves beyond words or traditional therapy. Creative and therapeutic activities have physical, intellectual, social and emotional benefits. For example, they can improve self-esteem; relieve boredom; improve cooperation; help children develop new skills; promote independence; and enhance communication skills.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness is the practice of cultivating awareness of thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. Children are guided through a process of paying attention to their breath. By integrating breathing and relaxation techniques, children will develop emotional resilience and fend off negative thoughts and behaviors, allowing them to become much calmer individuals.

Self-Esteem and Positive Body Image

Self-esteem reflects the opinion individuals have of themselves, as well as how they feel valued and respected. Body image, an important component of self-esteem, is the mental picture one has of their body - what it looks like versus how one perceives it look likes. Boosting a child’s self-esteem will directly affect how they take care of themselves emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Holding Space for The Innocent

This video of a little boy seeking his mother portrays our why and what we do.

I am so honored and excited that our organization was spotlighted in the Los Angeles Times. Thank you Ruth Sowby.

Read the On the Town story here.

My vision would not be possible without our esteemed Board of Directors, Larry Ballesteros, Edward Brail, Arick Gevorkian, Armina Gharpetian, Karine Grigoryan, Noelle Halaby, Harry Leon, Camille Levee, Rosa Peña, Claudia Wiley, and volunteer program leaders - each of whom is a leader in our community and youth advocate of her/his own.

God Bless
Liza Boubari, Founder

Our Sponsors


Outdoor Movie Night

Outdoor Family Movie Night Tickets: $10 per person Free popcorn!!! HealWithin International presents: “Outdoor Movie Night” at John Hart Real Estate’s Parking lot located at 1544 Canada Blvd, Glendale CA Grab your lawn chair, blanket, food, and beverage (no alcohol), and enjoy a Family Movie Night. Tickets must be purchased […]

Motherless Children

Our Motherless Children Program

Find out more about HealWithin International’s Motherless Children afterschool program for kids 8-17 who are motherless or separated from their mothers.

Liza Boubari with Sound Charka Bowls

Learn About Chakra Colors for Sound Healing

Have you been curious about the colors of Chakra?  Ever wondered what the colors mean? Our founder and president, Liza Boubari, explains it all as she the meaning of the colors of the sound healing bowls, kindly and generously donated by Jack Krebkyan and Virginia Nersesyan.

See more...

Our Unique Approach

HealWithin International provides an integrative approach to total well-being through self-awareness. Our holistic therapeutic approach is to help individuals, families, and organizations connect by Opening Hearts, Expanding Minds and Transforming Lives.


Just a note to express our gratitude to you.  You have helped Kyle through hypnosis again, and again. We came to you for his fear and anxiety playing ball – batting. We knew there had to be something wrong since he loves the game. In two simple sessions, you helped him get over his fear and get on the field.  I know Kyle called you personally to tell you that his team went on to win 3 games in a row and got to playoffs.  Thank you Liza – you were a lifesaver for our son.
L. Wilcox

The leap to adulthood can be a tremendously frustrating period for an inexperienced teenager.  Lack of knowledge and life experiences often prevent us from making wise decisions along the way.  In such cases, it is important to find comfort in someone who is willing to listen without forming judgmental opinions.  Someone like Liza.
A. Grigoryan