HealWithin International Launch Celebration

Thank all the mothers who are watching over us and the angels that are looking upon us.

Releasing the balloons at the end of the celebration, HealWithin International is officially launched!

Thank you to each of our guests for joining and celebrating the unveiling of our nonprofit. Elevating the lives of motherless children and teens ages 8-17 so they can become blissful, confident, mindful and successful adults. Our approach is inspired by the story and seeds planted by Liza’s grandmother Rosa who was left orphan during the Armenian Genocide. We offer afterschool programs through Integrative Holistic methods such as mindfulness and meditation. Creative expressions such as SoundHealing, creative art and writing, and drums, plus self-esteem and body image.

We are especially grateful to our sponsors who are dedicated to helping children and teens like Rosa who have experienced trauma due to tragic loss and death.

  • Los Angeles Cancer Network
  • Christeil Figueroa Gota
  • John Gota
  • Law Office Of Noelle Halaby
  • JohnHart Real Estate
  • North Glendale Alex Theatre
  • Patrick Campbell
  • Remedy Liquor
  • Alice Petrossian
  • Arick Gevorkian
  • Jeffery Rollert

Our program leaders:

  • Garbis Bartanian
  • Toby and Kyle Hollingsworth
  • Ann Marie Smith
  • Anthony J Rodriguez
  • Tamar Mirzayan