Blanket Drive – Help Me Give Warmth!

From our President and Founder, Liza Boubari:

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Help Me Give Warmth!

~Tis that time of year where the cold is near. I thank you for opening your heart on Giving Tuesday – now I ask you to open your linen closet.

Here’s something you may not know about me. I had a homeless living on our office doorsteps for several years. Years on, he became the keeper and protector of our office. At times we’d stop and talk about his past, his present situation and his aspirations. One rainy day I asked him what he needed the most, he said a warm blanket. After years of sleeping at our porch, he stayed sober long enough to be given a small room where he called home. He’d still drive by to say hello, drop a note or bring me flowers.

Since then, every Christmas time, I collect as many blankets and socks as I can and give them to homeless. Many of them have fallen on really hard times, have no home, are sleeping on the street, and are cold. They are cold not just because of the temperature, most are cold because they do not feel the warmth of love from family and friends the rest of us are so fortunate to have. I believe that everyone deserves compassion and warmth, especially this time of year.

Join me – would you? I need more blankets. The blankets do not have to be new, but, they should be clean. This is a good time to clear and clean out your closet to bring in the new. One blanket = a virtual hug. Help me help them Heal Within.

I will be collecting from today all the way through December 21st. A box will be on the porch awaiting your donation. Please bring donated items to:

208 S Louise Street
Glendale CA 91204

Thank you in advance for opening your hearts and sharing the love.


In memoriam to Michael John Berry – RIP

“One kind word can warm three winter months.” ~ Japanese Proverb